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About Me

Karen Will Rogers started her photography career in 1994 after learning under Roger Marschowitz and Helen Cherry. Wanting to capture the essence of pets and people together drives her passion. She fell in love with the different personalities that animals have, and this is her way of showing the relationship they share with people. Her talent has drawn many clients including Kelsey Grammar, Phil Collins, Jose Feliciano, Jack Hannah, Billy Bob Thorton, and Dan Aykroyd, just to name a few. 


Mixing her passion for photography and the environment that Nashville brings, Karen was able to merge the two by exhibiting the personality of dogs and cats with their celebrity owners. “What gets me into this is the love and bond with animals and people I see,” Karen said about what drives her passion to continue.     


Annie Lebowitz has complimented Karen’s unique gift by saying, “You’re so good with animals, I don’t know if I could pull that off.” Karen has three books that feature pets and their celebrity owners, covering from Keith Urban and Trisha Yearwood to Ryan Newman and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Read full biography here. 

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